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Carrier products, solutions and services for carrier. It can meet voice transmission requirements for 2g networks, voice and data transmission requirements for 3g networks, broadband data transmission requirements for lte networks, and also 5goriented evolution requirements. After reading this document, you will be aware of the indicators and applications of new devices and. Page 1 of rtn360 radio transmission system user manual product. Optix rtn 900 product family the optix rtn 900 series provide a variety of service interfaces and can be installed. Huawei optix rtn 905 2a integrated ip radio microwave transmission equipment. Transmission network product technicaltraining proposal commercial in confidence 1 huawei product technical training. Access product manuals, hedex documents, product images and visio stencils. Networking ip radio, creates value rtn 900 radio transmission system with a deep understanding of the requirements from operators and the development trend of microwave, huawei technologies has developed rtn 900 series, the first packet microwave radio transmission system in the industry. Huawei bts 3606 pdf all the outdoor units including btsac and rru comply with either with huawei latest cdma bts products, based upon the physical. Flexible radio transmission equipment providing highavailability microwave links for tdm, ipbased, and hybrid networking.

Optix rtn 900 is the first split ip radio transmission system that supports tdm, packet, and hybrid services. This video regarding huawei optix rtn 900 overview. View and download huawei rtn 360 v100 quick installation manual online. Its covering system hardware overview, types of rtn 900910,50. Huawei building a fully connected, intelligent world. Huawei ptn 3900 pdf the optix ptn is a new generation metropolitan optical transport platform, which is developed by huawei for packet transport. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The netengine9000 ne9000 series are highperformance, nextgeneration converged core routers that can be deployed on ipmpls backbone, dci, and largescale enterprise networks. Directory of huawei enterprise it infrastructure products, solutions, and services.

I am going to upload series of the training video on rtn. The huawei rtn 900 series is the industrys first ip microwave product that integrates tdm, hybrid, packet, and routing. Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology ict infrastructure and smart devices. This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. This course describes the network position, system architecture, and hardware structure of the optix rtn 900. Huawei rtn 900 pdf 38 products offers 38 huawei optix rtn products. Optix rtn 360 radio transmission v100r001c00 product description issue 02.

This video shows how to install the antenna and odu of huawei rtn 900 series, including rtn 905, rtn 905 s,rtn 910a, rtn 950, rtn. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of huawei technologies co. Optix rtn 900 series systems support voice transmission on 2g networks, voice and data services on 3g networks, and broadband data services on lte networks. Rtn 900 v100r008c10 perne l3vpn configuration guide 01. Optix rtn 950 radio transport system enterprise network microwave.

The equipment can be applied not only in the 3gwimax. Huawei product technical training programms transmission. Rtn 900 series microwave provide various traffic interface, support unified. Huawei building a fully connected, intelligent world this site uses cookies. Optix rtn pidc b11 product overview and installation guide 01. It provides a seamless microwave transmission solution for mobile communication network or private networks.

The optix rtn 900 is a new generation tdmhybridpacket integrated microwave transmission system developed by huawei. Huawei optix rtn 900 free download as powerpoint presentation. Rtn360 radio transmission system user manual product. The equipment, 2u high, supports a maximum of six rf directions. Pdf optix rtn 950 radio transmission system commissioning. Optix rtn 900 service configuration guide free download as powerpoint presentation. With various service interfaces, the rtn 950 can be configured flexibly and installed easily. The rtn 950 is the newgeneration of ip radio transmission equipment developed by huawei.

Huawei ict products and solutions huawei enterprise. Rtn 900 v100r006c10 feature configuration guide 01. Huawei optix rtn 905 2a integrated ip radio microwave. Huawei ict products and solutions huawei enterprise this site uses cookies. Online technique support, software download and documents sharing, regardless of you come across any question, we will provide the service for you when necessary.

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