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Any internet protocol ip addresses used in this document are not intended to be actual addresses. Each cell subdirectory has the following files and subdirectories. The schema file name, including the file extension, is used as the configuration document name in the dicom repository. And the configuration maximums document is a complete document that tells you the new configuration maximums for all of the different components in vsphere. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared. Related materials the document will form part of the overall application development kit. This is because network diagrams are often created and never updated again until needed. This chapter describes the characteristics of configuration documents and provides instructions on how to write configuration documents that are specific to a particular organization or enterprise. System restore another important and overlooked function of a system configuration. Configuration file redpen has a single configuration file, which contains all the settings redpen require to work with different types of input documents. Protocol eigrp should be configured between the routers. Project mangement plan examples prepare project support plans.

Its therefore a good idea to create and maintain a set of documents that capture all. The payoff although it can be a timeconsuming job, documenting your network is important and necessary. Within this element there are two sub elements named validators and symbols. This appendix lists the names of the dicom configuration documents, which are defined as xml schemas. This document is a generic configuration management plan document for use by ida projects. Use the ip defaultnetwork command to accomplish this task. For example, a hyperlink can connect a design document to a source code module. Configuration examples examples shown here will be modified examples of downloadable configurations available in this directory.

The configuration manager works with the project team members to identify, select, name and classify the configuration items cis subject to change control within office of information. This folder is a simple placeholder for all openrules jarfiles and related 3rd party jarfiles. The main configuration file is an xml file with a root element of redpenconf. Solved documenting server configuration windows server. Jan 10, 2011 configuration management plan for your project name your document control information here effective date here configuration management plan cmp template, t2401, revision b effective date. The system configuration document can be formally revised once the system is released to reflect the current state of the system per change control. Eigrp is a classless protocol wearing classful mask. If a configuration document only applies to node1, then that document exists in the configuration on node1 and in the websphere application server network deployment configuration, but not on any other node in the cell. The configuration management plan cmp establishes the activities, responsibilities, processes, and methods used to document and maintain the design of the ocean observatories initiative ooi program and to manage changes to the design and scope of the system of systems. Configuration management cm is the ongoing process of identifying and managing changes to deliverables and other work products. Configure r1 s0, e0, r2 s1, s0, e0 in eigrp as 100 and r3 s02 in eigrp as 200. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared default configuration. Eigrp route summarizationautonomous system configuration 45. Obtaining documentation and submitting a service request.

This document illustrates how to add message authentication to your enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrp routers and protect. Im trying to get our network in order and i dont know where to start, ive setup a docuwiki as this seems to be the most popular answer, but im clueless as to what to put in there. However, even in environments with religiously obeyed build books, system configurations change. Please note that this is a baseline document and may be updated as development progresses. Packets arriving on asynchronous interface 1 from the. Oct 24, 2002 the payoff although it can be a timeconsuming job, documenting your network is important and necessary. Configuration management plan for your project name your document control information here effective date here configuration management plan cmp template, t2401, revision b effective date. It is a flexible approach that allows you to specify that the comment repository applies to all pdf files or to a particular pdf file.

Editorial, formatting, and spelling clarification to request a change to this document, contact the document author or owner. It provides guidance and template material which is intended to assist the relevant management or technical staff, whether client or supplier, in producing a project specific configuration management plan document. For the other things like vpn, internet connections you can write a plain document. Configuration examples linux documentation project. Cisco catalyst 9300 and 9500 series switches running ios. Eigrp for ipv6 is configured directly on the router interfaces.

Manage configuration files via the logix designer application 64. Network configuration by interface disk partition layout installed software, with any significant configuration information hardware and peripherals inventory physical location of system authentication information method used, configurations for method, etc. Pbr configuration examples qc24 quality of service solutions configuration guide equal access example the following example provides two sources with equal access to two different service providers. Any reference document external to nodis shall be monitored by the process owner for current versioning. The cmp provides information on the requirements and. The configuration management plan cmp is developed to define, document, control, implement, account for, and audit changes to the various components of this project.

This document also functions as a foundational reference point for developers. This tutorial explains how to configure eigrp routing protocol in cisco routers step by step with practical example in packet tracer. Thanks for contributing an answer to stack overflow. It provides guidance and template material which is intended to assist the relevant management or technical staff, whether client or supplier, in producing a project specific configuration management plan. This part explains these values with neighborship building process in detail with example. The purpose of this configuration document is to provide a framework for the recording of configuration changes made within the workbrain application. Server deployment plan for xyz sample deployment document. This document provides a set of templates for implementing a software configuration management process the meets the requirements of isoiec standards 12207. To see this configuration use the show runningconfig command, beginning in privileged exec mode.

This checklist summarises the recommended structure and contents of documents based on the template. In addition this document forms a basis for assisting with version control of configuration items. Configuration management plan checklist the configuration management plan template idamscmp provides guidance and template material for use by ida projects in producing projectspecific documents. When it comes to documenting networks, images and diagrams have a huge impact on providing an outline but sometimes the diagrams dont provide all the detail you need to solve the problem. Use this template to keep track of which switch ports connect to which rooms and computers, who has access to network information. A reference document to identify available intel server building blocks, accessories, and spare parts associated with the intel server s2600st product family. Installation and configuration manual sharepoint document merge.

In this configuration eigrp will divide the configured bandwidth evenly across each virtual circuit. This evaluated configuration for oracle database 11g document explains the manner in which the toe must be configured along with the host operating system and network services so as to provide the security functionality and assurance as required under the common criteria for information technology security evaluation cc. The startup script is a modification of a script posted on the lartc mailing list by raptor. Comp5541 tools and techniques for software engineering winter 2010 by team 4 page 2. This state should be reflective of the initial usage environment that will be in place at the time of system release. Exe and a script that would remotely install a vnc instance and configure it for a gui of the machine to get into it and get it on the domain. Without the machines being on your domain, but still on an accessible network, i had found a use for psexec. Local con guration options are, by convention, placed in. To manually assign the ip addresses deselect the check box configure using dhcp keep the selection as it is for activation on boot. In order to become an eigrp neighbor, three essential configuration values must be matched. Administrators can perform a number of repository management tasks, including creating their own configuration documents. Where to find good examples or templates for configuration. This document provides the signal and the data structure for standard positioning service sps of the indian regional navigational satellite system irnss.

Configuration management control is accomplished by utilizing the cmdb, a centralized configuration management database, or a series of databases that provide central, logical access to configuration data, containing relevant information such as the configuration items and their attributes, baselines, documentation, changes, and relationships. The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. Configuration notes for the implementation of eigrp over. This document provides an architectural overview of the system to depict different aspects of the system. Hyperlinks can relate whole elements, specific versions as needed for requirements tracing, or subsections within objects. Erase the startup configuration and reload a switch to the default state perform basic configuration tasks on a switch configure vlan trunking protocol vtp on all switches enable trunking on interswitch connections verify trunk configuration modify vtp modes and observe the impact. Page 2 of 10 port assignments switches 2 and 3 ports assignment network fa01 05 802. Prepare project support plans and documentation configuration control examples example 38 7. Every project providing features into the platform that requires the configuration of specific components or features in the platform must provide a. Eigrp message authentication configuration example cisco. Please contact your network administrator before proceeding for network configuration. The document addresses the signal modulations, the frequency bands, the received power levels, the data. Documentation is not the favorite area of a developer but an important area to fulfill if you want to have standards in the organization. The era is a largescale, comprehensive system designed to provide preservation of, and access to, electronic federal.

Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrp is a dynamic routing network layer protocol which works on the protocol number 88. The intention of the document is to guide the user to install, configure, build and execute the applications using mapusoft products. We are trying to put together a new configuratio mgmt plan to setup change controls, backups strategies and other fun things, like. If there is front matter in the document, the configuration file will be ignored. Network documentation template this document gives users a template for putting important network documentation in one place. A hyperlink is a logical arrow that connects two objects.

How to tackle a network documentation project techrepublic. Names of configuration parameters are casesensitive. These examples can be used as standalone configuration files to be fed into a tcc parser, or they can be used in conjunction with the example sysv startup script. System configuration guide 7 objectives this manual contains instructions on how to get started with the mapusoft products.

The toe provides md5 hashing for authentication of neighbor switches via eigrp. Local con guration options are, by convention, placed in con guration les, which have extension. But avoid asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Mar 17, 2008 first of all you need a good inventory on whats vrunningsharedinstalled on your clients. And of course, if you have adobe acrobat reader or adobe acrobat, then itll come up. The document is further compiled of project specific chapters, these include installation tool descriptions, feature configuration descriptions, and post installation validation procedures. The configuration for r1 is displayed below as an example. The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. The document author is authorized to make the following types of changes to the document without requiring that the document be reapproved. Jun 24, 2009 it should be possible to track all changes to a released system back to the system configuration document. Template for software configuration management documents. Documentation examples ive seen lots of threads asking what people do to document their network setups, but ive never seen any actual examples of documentation. The configuration management process is a framework for setting a baseline for configuration items and adopting change management procedures. The organization shall establish, implement and maintain a configuration management process that.

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